Cannabis is a highly regulated industry and efficient regulatory compliance is frequently the difference between profitable operations and unending regulatory scrutiny. Did you know, that with the passage of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA), California is moving into a new era of medical marijuana regulations? Every company operating in the commercial medical marijuana industry in California will be required to obtain a local operating permit and annual state license by January 1, 2018.

At MJIC Compliance, our team of experienced professionals, including lawyers, accountants, consultants and investment bankers have years of experience in developing, monitoring and adjusting financial and regulatory systems to assure minimal impact upon operations, while providing a “good housekeeping seal of approval”

MJIC Compliance provides comprehensive seed to audit professional services including:

Business Plan Development
Financial Modeling
Location Design and Construction
Municipal and State License Applications
Investment Fund Management
Tax and Financial Reporting
Regulatory Compliance
Government Liaison

Comprehensive Cannabis Compliance Support – We can review every aspect of your organization’s operations to ensure you meet all requirements for local and state licensing. This includes an assessment of your corporate structure and legal documents, tax obligations, payroll compliance, and more. This is fully customizable to meet your organization’s needs.