CFO Worldwide is a boutique accounting, investment banking, and financial services firm catering to the cannabis market. We provide CFO services to private cannabis companies with revenues up to $30 million. CFO Worldwide has advised more than 40 cannabis companies over the last two years and bring the financial expertise needed by young, fast-growing companies at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.


Every business needs a CFO. A CFO is an essential member of a company’s management team in charge of its accounting oversight and strategic decision making. However, most companies do not need and cannot afford a full-time CFO to provide services that they only need a few times a month.

At CFO Worldwide, we provide all the benefits of a full-time CFO without the heavy cost commitment. We offer a wide range of services, which are tailored based on our clients’ specific needs. Our specialized team of accountants, financial analysts and seasoned financial executives is structured to work with your company efficiently to achieve your financial goals.

We help oversee our clients’ accounting operations to ensure that company management is getting proper oversight and visibility into their business. We bring decades of professional corporate finance expertise to assist company management in making key business decisions. We also provide the tools and relationships to help business owners raise money efficiently.

Our Services Include

OVERSEEING ACCOUNTING – we can manage your accounting operations and ensure your books close properly and timely

STRATEGIC GUIDANCE – we analyze and execute major strategic decisions to maximize the company’s profitability and growth

MANAGING YOUR CASH FLOW – we can help monitor your business operations and cash flow so that your operations continue running smoothly

OPERATIONS REPORTING – we can provide in-depth operations assessments so you can stay on top of the performance of your business

IMPLEMENTING FINANCIAL CONTROLS – we can develop and institute key controls to manage your financial

CAPTIAL RAISING – we can help you remove debt and raise equity capital by managing the capital raising process and making introductions to our network of investors

FINANCIAL PLANNING AND ANALYSIS – we can help you budget and analyze your financial performance, in addition to providing any other financial analyses needed

CREATING INVESTOR MATERIALS – we can develop capital raising documents including investor pitch decks, pro formas and business plans

Other Financial Services

In addition to our ongoing CFO services, we also provide financial services to help companies raise capital and manage their finance operations.

PREPARE INVESTOR PRESENTATION – Create high-quality investor presentation summarizing the company and investment opportunity

DEVELOP PRO FORMA – Create detailed, customizable pro forma for company or individual business units

PERFORM FINANCIAL ANALYSES – Develop detailed cash flow analysis, valuation appraisals, operational assessments, and other financial analyses needed for a company or project

PREPARE VALUATION OPINION – Prepare an extensive fair market valuation of a company or project using commonly accepted valuation methods summarized in a formal valuation opinion

CREATE BUSINESS PLAN – Develop detailed, written business plan for your company or project, summarizing the business, product/service, market, business model, management team and more

PREPARE CAPITAL RAISING DOCUMENTS – Prepare legal documents for a private capital raise, including Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), subscription agreement, term sheet and more