Sowing the Future of Cannabis

Our aim is to be the most trusted cannabis company on the planet. We envision a healthier, wealthier and more verdant world in which the legality of cannabis, its accessibility and social support contribute to the vitality of people everywhere.

Specifically, MJIC is a cannabis distribution and compliance company supported by an exposition & media division. We sow the future of cannabis with an emphasis on expediting the industry’s responsible growth. We do this through innovation, sustainability, and education in support of clients’ (and our own) distribution and compliance initiatives.

As the MJIC business continues to grow —entering new markets, authentically connecting with new customers, acquiring new brands, expanding globally —We are endeavoring to ensure our company and our brands capture the imaginations of new audiences while keeping already engaged people on board and happy.

When people think of MJIC, they think of a special collection of people and offerings that foster connections and opportunities – focused on sowing the growth of cannabis by removing or addressing the barriers associated with the complexities of the industry. By connecting people and creating opportunities, MJIC is transforming lives, making this industry more productive, socially supported, professional and powerful.

Our core values are Innovation, Leadership, Sustainability, Accessibility, Education, Diversity, Responsibility (Social & Corporate) and Affability.

MJIC is the future of cannabis.


MJIC pursues its vision by operating as a holding company deploying a diversified business plan exclusively into the burgeoning legal cannabis industry.

The regulatory dominos are falling, as state after state expands the legal cannabis marketplace. California has now legalized for profit medical and recreational marijuana, which literally doubles the domestic market and constituting the single largest cannabis market in the world. Over the last three years, MJIC has carefully addressed this dynamic marketplace going through its struggles and growth spurts. We now have regulatory certainty in California and MJIC has responded with businesses reflecting our view of the future of legal cannabis.

Underlying this marketplace is the seldom-reported mission critical fact that this is a highly regulated industry imposing substantial operating costs and imposing devastating sanctions for non-compliance. MJIC is the industry and thought leader providing a key interface between key government regulators and industry operators seeking to deploy fully legal operations.

Our core values reflect this focus: We seek to bring a high-level of professionalism to an industry that we believe is lacking in this regard. We seek recognized leadership in identifying responsible industry players and creating regulatory environments with government officials to allow our industry to legally thrive. We actively oppose “black markets” and position MJIC as the responsible company, which all can rely upon to achieve iron clad regulatory compliance. We seek strategic partnerships allowing deployment of profitable operations.

We pursue these values through the aggressive expansion of our compliance and distribution divisions, supported by our exposition and media assets. In summary, MJIC is not the pursuit of three separate business plans, but instead the synergistic marketing of a proprietary set of products and services, each supporting the other, creating what we believe to be a future unique business juggernaut.

Distribution involves moving Cannabis products from Business-to-Business (growers to labs, growers to manufacturers, manufacturers to dispensaries), as well as from Business-to-Consumer (Speed Weed; moving Cannabis based products from various types of businesses to the end consumer). Distribution also involves moving Cannabis paraphernalia, which is best represented by RollingPaperDepot.com.

Compliance is a broad set of professional services that includes business plan development, financial modeling, municipal license applications, investment fund management, financial accounting/reporting and regulatory/legal compliance. Most importantly, because Cannabis is a highly regulated industry, MJIC expertly provides a broad interface between the government regulators and the regulated Cannabis supply chain.

MJIC’s exposition & media division serves our mission of sowing the future of Cannabis by acting as a conduit for industry connections and education underscoring our leadership position in the market while also providing customer leads, brand opportunities and industry ascendancy through the proffer of trade shows, magazines, blogs and our online properties (including MJInews.com and MarijuanIndex.com).